A Lil’ Cleaning

I came up with the idea not too long ago that I should do something with ratzilla.wordpress.com, the old (and abandoned) address of RatzillaCosme — if you don’t know me then please familiarize yourself with my website. The link is in the sidebar. The past few days, I have slowly weeded through 753 old posts that were here so that this blog can have a fresh start.

The plan is that all my ramblings will go on here and my all beauty-relatd posts will go on (stay at) my main site. I can be a lot more “informal” over here and ramble to my little heart’s content as I don’t have to worry about HTMLs, codings, formatting CSS, etc. I’m not going to be talking about the latest sunscreen on here but I will undoubtedly rant about something beauty-related every now and then!

This is my not-so-secret diary — I do hope you enjoy reading it. Updates will be sporadic so you might want to subscribe through Google Reader or similar so that you don’t need to constantly check.

Anyway, welcome to my inner thoughts!

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