iPhone Photo Diary

Some photos from this past 2 weeks! Hope you have a good weekend!

I’m at the Vancouver International Airport countless times a year and up till now, I haven’t noticed the totem poles that are just outside the automatic doors.

I came across a small patch of nature in the midst of a concrete jungle in Hong Kong while on the way to meet a new client.

I thought this was a queue for the bus, taxi, or some sort of public transit… as it was during rush hour by the buses. As it turned out, this was actually a queue for free community newspaper (the bus stop is located at the island). I was told by passerbys this occurs everyday.

Got some more business cards (personal information censored)! 150 cards altogether, 26 designs.

I went to my parents’s place for dinner and found this walking around in the kitchen’s sink.

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  1. Very interesting, thanks


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