Tech Issues & KakaoTalk

Well, at least I can go on HERE and not have to worry about HTML, bandwidth, CPU usage, and constant hack attempts! Working out some kinks in my website is proving to be an absolute nightmare — fix one problem (the search tool actually works now!), up pops another. My web host has been giving me nothing but troubles lately as well — from suspension to server migration to 12+ hours server downtime — which all ends up with RatzillaCosme being down for hours. I frequently feel the urge to kick the wall and yell obscenities.

Other news? I finally caved and got KakaoTalk for my iPhone.

It seems like every other person I know is using KakaoTalk as their go-to application for chatting, messaging, texting, sharing pics/videos while on-the-go. I have only been using it for a few days, but it has already become one of my must-haves. I can communicate with one another without knowing each other’s phone numbers, do group chats, as well as password-protecting specific conversations — and it’s available (for free) on most smartphones around the world — making staying connected a breeze no matter where I am! I can’t recommend this application enough if you travel a lot!

If you have a smart phone, definitely do give it a try! You can now contact me on KakaoTalk under ID: ratzilla. ^^

Now Facebook, on the other hand,  I really don’t see the point… To be fair, my judgement is solely based on what I’ve heard as I have never used it.